Latin Americans are forced to show their genitalia at Arlanda by Swedish Customs

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”Watch out for corrupt officers at Arlanda Airport”
Dagens Process

Dagens Process
If you are traveling from Latin America, you risk having to show your genitalia to Swedish customs officials like Tomas Jönsson based on where you are coming from
Customs and their officials at Arlanda Airport, led by Tomas Jönsson, carry out inspections and physical examinations of tourists who are internationally highly deviant. The customs officials are standing in a narrow aisle and selecting their tourists (victims) based on whether they come from Latin America. After that, the Customs Service exposes the tourists to many bizarre intrusions which we explain below.

Sweden is a country that does not have too many tourists. Sweden must take care of those who do come here, as they are important to Sweden’s economy. What is happening at Arlanda Airport has caused many tourists to stop buying plane tickets to Sweden. Those who have arrived here and unfortunately received bizarre treatment at Arlanda Airport choose to rebook their plane ticket to travel home earlier. This is a heavy blow to Sweden and the problem is Tomas Jönsson and the other customs officials at Arlanda Airport.

At Arlanda Airport, we have customs officers who act like corrupt police officers on the streets in Sweden. The customs officials stand in a narrow corridor at Arlanda Airport and select their victims who will be allowed to undergo thorough physical examinations without suspicion of crime. Tomas Jönsson, who is known from the swedish TV show Border Guards (gränsbevakarna), has set up a system to look in the bottoms and genitals of Latin Americans by stripping them naked without suspicion of crime.

Tomas Jönsson is the customs officer who is reported on in social media
May cause chronic damage to Sweden

Tomas Jönsson, who carries out illegal searches on tourists, does not report the incidents. He and the other officials do this deliberately in the hope that no one will find out about the illegal searches. The tourists who are subjected to these offensive treatments at Arlanda Airport report this themselves in social media, including in Facebook groups. The tourists write that you should avoid Sweden as a destination, as the customs officials perform bizarre, disgusting and dirty treatments on the buttocks and genitals.

Several tourists on social media report that they have been allowed to enter a small room at Arlanda Airport and show their genitalia as well as spread their buttocks and show their anus to customs officials based on answers about where they have traveled from. The tourists who state that they have been exposed to these treatments come from Argentina, Nicaragua, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and more.

There are thus many Latin Americans who are subjected to these dirty treatments and who are also visa-free to Sweden. This could result in a whole generation of Latin Americans simply stopping traveling to Sweden.

The customs office is accelerating the hatred against Sweden

When so many Latin Americans on social media talk about how badly they have been treated by the customs officials at Arlanda Airport, it will fuel the hatred against Sweden and Swedes. There are no tourists who want to come to Sweden when the first thing they meet is a Tomas Jönsson or another custom officers who starts snooping in the ass and penis or vagina – this only because the tourists come from a Latin American country.

If you come from Latin America as a tourist to Sweden, Tomas Jönsson and others within the Swedish Customs Service choose to search you through the body openings. This will cause chronic damage to Sweden as the Customs Agency signals that Latin Americans are not welcome as tourists in Sweden and that all of them are supposed to be drug smugglers who will have to undergo dirty treatment at Arlanda Airport before they are allowed to enter the country.

Dagens Process

Dagens Process


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