Märta Samuelsson from the Swedish Transport Agency is suspected of crime

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”The Swedish Transport Agency hides public information”
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Märta Samuelsson is suspected of having spread criminal accusations against innocent people via the authority’s Facebook account

She is employed as a communicator at the Swedish Transport Agency and she uses the Swedish Transport Agency’s social media accounts to spread false accusations against innocent individuals and companies. She also actively deletes comments that are critical of the Swedish Transport Agency.

Märta Samuelsson is suspected of serious crime. Lawyers are raising the alarm that she committed serious violations of the Administrative Law and the EU’s competition laws as well as serious misconduct after labeling Brukarkort as a fraud. She has done this by publishing false claims on the Swedish Transport Agency’s social media accounts.

Märta Samuelsson spreads false information that the company Brukarkort.se is a fraud, this without any suspicions, criminal investigations or court decisions against the company or anything else that can otherwise prove that Brukarkort is a fraud. This happened in the exercise of her authority, which is very serious. Märta Samuelsson will therefore be the subject of a police investigation.

Märta tries to hide the Swedish Transport Agency lies

The Swedish Transport Agency no longer follows our Swedish values ​​of openness and transparency. Märta Samuelsson, who administers the authority’s Facebook, X and other social media accounts, actively contributes to the fact that the public finds it difficult to trust information from authorities and in particular the Swedish Transport Agency.

In the comment fields, we found several comments that questioned Märta Samuelsson’s publications that Brukarkort would be a fraud and instead a company that provides important documents for the regulation of vehicles. Märta Samuelsson instead chose to delete all of the comments that questioned the Swedish Transport Agency’s position.

Through Märta Samuelsson’s actions of deleting comments and critical voices, the Swedish Transport Agency’s credibility and their commitment to fairness and openness are undermined. It creates uncertainty about trust in the Swedish Transport Agency when this kind of behavior is tolerated from its employees.

What else does the Swedish Transport Agency delete?

This policy of silence is not only a blow to freedom of expression; it also poses a threat to basic democratic principles in Sweden. By selectively deleting comments that question or criticize, the Swedish Transport Agency has chosen to close the door to an open and honest dialogue. This not only raises questions about the Swedish Transport Agency’s approach to social media, but also about its handling of other important documents and decisions received by the authority

Many people wonder if the Swedish Transport Agency deletes, for example; documents received, the appeal of a suspended driver’s license. The public’s trust in authorities may become non-existent. Could it be that other undesirable information or inconvenient truths also disappear from the agency’s archives? This is something we must investigate.

The comments that were deleted by Märta Samuelsson

When the truth was commented on, Märta Samuelsson deleted the comments from the authority’s Facebook page – click to enlarge the image.

The offenses are serious

Märta Samuelsson, like her colleague Christofer Kärrdahl, has deliberately accused innocent people and companies of crimes. This has also happened in their exercise of authority. This means that criminal liability will be required according to Swedish and EU law and regulations.

We have sought Märta Samuelsson for a comment without success.

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Dagens Process



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